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Facebook en Español (España)!

facebook en español crear cuenta - For brand marketers Spain and Latin America, advertisers and application developers, Facebook and the Facebook platform offers an unprecedented opportunity to attract users in their social environment confirmed online. Facebook to see tremendous growth in South America, Europe and Latin America markets in North America last year. Like the original on Facebook within Facebook and services following the latest news from Facebook and the Facebook platform to keep you informed. And besides all the stories you see here Facebook en Español (España) in Spanish to give additional protection for the development that occurred in the Spanish-speaking market - Facebook Login español.

For those who are interested in understanding the marketing landscape jump start up last month, Facebook en Español (España): This guide market your brand, company, product or service on Facebook, Facebook is the definitive guide to vendors of brand marketing, guerrilla marketing, and application developers. It details dozens of tactics used by sellers of leadership on Facebook, and is a good way to learn in a variety of ways marketers can join the Facebook users, and comparison of their marketing strategies and tactics. (English version available facebook en español registrarse) .

We are very pleased to Luis Alberto del Castillo,abrir cuenta en facebook en español the founder of a leading marketing agency eSocial Latin America, social media, on board as the main translator and writer on Facebook in Spanish. Luis brings a wealth of experience in Latin American media at the table. eSocial worked with many traditional and digital services, such as Leo Burnett and DDB, and has served clients such as Nestle, Nokia, Telmex and South America and Central America, some of the market. Luis is also a major translator of Facebook en Español (España).

Inside Facebook and services are very eager to work and collaborate with institutions of Spain and Latin America and the developers of social media. If you work in a space, please send an e-mail to insidefacebook.com and introduce yourself! .

Facebook en Español (España)!